3 Signs Your Partner Only Wants Sex 
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3 Signs Your Partner Only Wants Sex 

Titilayo Ilori

A relationship based on only sex can be fun, as long as both parties agree to it and are on the same page.

However, it can be heartbreaking if you are dating someone and it seems all he wants from you is sex. The earlier you realise it, the better for you. Below are obvious signs that he only wants sex.


1. If he is always around women

A man who wants to have a serious relationship with you won't surround himself with women all the time. And if at all he is the social type, he will always be conscious of himself and be willing to let go of some of his old female friends for the sake of his relationship.

2. He talks more about sex than any other issue

If he is not interested in knowing about your personal life, for example, work, health, etc. All he ever talks about is sex or something sex related, this is a sign that he wants sex and not a relationship.  Age is also something to consider. Some younger men are scared of commitment, unlike some of the older men who are ready to commit.

3. He only calls or texts to tell you he is horny

Some men are not boyfriend material. Some are just after sex. If he texts to tell you he his horny or he only calls whenever he wants to get down, he is probably only after sex. Do not be weak in a situation like this and succumb to his demands.

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