5 Foods Not Suitable For People With Diabetes

5 Foods Not Suitable For People With Diabetes

Margaret Solace

Trying to maintain a healthy diet as a diabetic patient can be a little tricky. You need to watch what you eat all the time. Diet plays a huge role in the body. A healthy diet can help you control diabetes and manage complications that arise from it.

It’s a lot of trouble trying to find a balanced diet but it’s twice the trouble when trying to eat a healthy, balanced diet as a diabetic patient. See below foods you must not eat as a diabetic patient.

• Margarine and Trans Fat

Not all types of margarines are bad, but how do you know which to buy? Some of these are made with hydrogenated oil. If you see this kind of oil on the label of a container of margarine, avoid it.

• Processed Foods

Avoid too much or no fast food at all. Some of these fast food restaurants add spices and condiments to their foods and these may cause the rise of blood sugar.

• Sauce

Foods like barbeque sauce, ketchup and tomato sauce should be reduced or you should stay away completely from them. If you must have it, make your sauce fresh, according to how you like it. This way, you will know what you are taking.

• Foods High in Sugar and Sweetened Beverages

They are the number one culprit and should be totally avoided. They can be of help only when the blood sugar is too low but shouldn’t be consumed all the time.

• White Bread, Rice and Pasta

They are known as processed carbs. They are refined carbohydrates and should be avoided. Instead, go for more fruits, vegetable and beans/legumes.

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