7 Safety Hacks You Should Know When Travelling Abroad
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7 Safety Hacks You Should Know When Travelling Abroad

Margaret Solace

Travelling abroad can be from Nigeria to Kenya and it could also be from Nigeria to US. As a woman, you have to be careful when travelling alone. Anxiety might set in. It might be a little intimidating, but all these things should not keep you from trying to fulfill your dreams of schooling, visiting, vacationing, etc.

Now, that you have decided to travel, here are hacks to know when travelling abroad.

• Make adequate inquiries

You are travelling alone and where you are going to is new. So, you should ask a lot of questions about where you intend to go. Find out if they accept tourists, know about what they like and what they don’t.

• Avoid unnecessary drama

You are all alone and the last thing you want for yourself is drama. Stay away from expensive clothes, jewelry and flashy things generally. Avoid things or conversations that make people know you are a tourist. Mind your business.

• Ensure your safety

It’s just you, remember. Keep all windows and doors locked. Double check them before you sleep or step out. Keep your expensive things and money in odd, safe places.

• Don’t trust easily

You are a tourist, so keep important things to yourself.

• Keep your drinks

When you go out with friends, make sure you drink up before going to the restroom and discard if you have any drink left when you return. Sex predators are everywhere.

• Have back up plans

Make copies of your documents and keep them everywhere and in safe places. Anything can happen, so be prepared.

• Enjoy

You’re here to have fun, so don’t forget to do that. Remember to be watchful.

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