6 Reasons You Have Chapped Lips
Chapped lips

6 Reasons You Have Chapped Lips

Margaret Solace

We all want to have nice, soft and fresh lips. Your lips are not only for kissing. Looking attractive is the best thing. No one wants their lips to look like dry cassava. You’ve used a lot of Vaseline but your lips are still dry and chapped. Chapped lips are ugly and not attractive at all. Soft, juicy, luscious lips are what we all crave for. Find out six reasons why you have chapped lips.

• Lack of Exfoliation

Lips have dead cells too and they need to be exfoliated. When you don’t exfoliate often, you might end up with dry lips. You can exfoliate with your brush. Just brush your lips gently.

• Medication

Some medication might affect your lips. Some people react to medications and they end up with dry lips which will eventually crack.

• Weather

Some weathers like harmattan could cause your skin to dry up quickly, especially when they are not properly moisturized. They dry up and crack.

• Exposure to Sunlight

Get products with enough SPF for your lips. Your lips might get burnt by sun rays and when they try to heal up, they become rid of moisture and then crack.

• Lip Licking

This right here is the reason for most chapped lips. When you lick your lips in order to add water or moisture to them, you end up making it worse. The saliva in the mouth strips the lips of its natural moisture.

• Dehydration

Drink lots of water. Your body might be giving you signs of dehydration.

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