4 Things  A Woman Must Have Before Marriage
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4 Things A Woman Must Have Before Marriage

Titilayo Ilori

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that needs to be planned properly. As a woman, there are things you should work towards achieving before settling down. These things include:

1.  A future plan

No woman wants to be at home all her life. A woman should be able to plan for the future before thinking of getting married. You should have a plan because of unforeseen circumstances.

2. Sign of maturity

Age has nothing to do with maturity. A woman might be in her 40s and show no sign of maturity. But you must be able to handle things maturely. It is not easy living with someone from another background. There will always be challenges.

3. A good source of income

Some women believe that once they are married, it is the duty of the man to take care of all the responsibilities in the home.

It is normal for your husband to take care of your needs, but every woman should have a plan B, just in case something goes wrong. Everybody wants to have a source of income and no man wants to marry a liability.

4. Education

Education is important to everyone. No woman wants to be an illiterate. As a woman, you must be able to add to your home mentally. You must be able to help your children with homework or anything related to their education.

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