Segun Odegbami On Why He Thinks Rashidi Yekini Could Have Been Murdered
Rashidi Yekini

Segun Odegbami On Why He Thinks Rashidi Yekini Could Have Been Murdered

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Ex-Nigeria national football team captain, Olusegun Odegbami, says he believes his former teammate, Rashidi Yekini, may have been murdered in 2012.

The retired forward made this disclosure in an interview on Channels TV's, The Chat.

Odegbami said he disagrees with the claims that “nobody could explain the circumstances" surrounding the death of the prolific striker.

Yekini, who till date is Nigeria's all-time top scorer, had been reported ill for an extended period of time after allegedly suffering from bipolar disorder, depression and some other undisclosed psychiatric condition before his death in 2012.

“His people actually went and abducted him from his car and took him to a native doctor of some sort to cure him of his ‘insanity’," Odegbami explained to his host.

“Why insanity?…because he was funding so many philanthropic projects, giving people his money which he had kept in the bank for so long.

“All through his professional career, he didn’t spend a dime of the money he was getting from Europe, so he had a lot of money in UBA at the time, because one of the managers was my friend.

“They had even advised him to invest but with his own native intelligence, he did not do much investment.

“He built his house, did some things but he had a lot of money so he felt like distributing and they said he was mad so they took him to the native doctor and started giving him all kinds of concoctions and the man passed on. So, that’s why I said he could have been murdered."

Ex-internationals overtime have complained of being neglected by the federal government once they retire retire from the game.

According to the man who was nicknamed 'Mathematical' during his playing days, himself, as well as many of his colleagues who are still alive, are now suffering the consequences of over-exerting their joints and other health issues.

“You’ll see me walk with a limp these days… that’s what happens to the rest of us,” he continued.

“Probably we would have demanded (not for any payment of some sort) but to have created a system or an institution that will take care of us in old age which is something we have found out now.”

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