Liberation Sex: Things Get Messy Between Twitter Influencers YettyClassy And Ayo FBI

Liberation Sex: Things Get Messy Between Twitter Influencers YettyClassy And Ayo FBI

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

In the last 24 hours, two Nigerian Twitter influencers, Yettyclassy, and Ayo FBI have been the subject of the biggest gist on the micro-blogging app.

The duo, who used to be 'close friends' had clashed in their inbox and after they were unable to resolve it privately, the matter was then brought to the fore.

Ayo had attempted to get romantically involved with Yetty, even though he was in a serious relationship with someone else.

So, he lied to her about loving her and even expressed his willingness to get married to her if she agreed to get involved with him.

Yetty, who clearly liked him and respected him as a friend didn't want to take their relationship to that 'next level' he was requesting, so she kept putting him off stylishly without really telling him it wasn't possible.

She admitted to being fond of him but also told him she wasn't ready for what he was asking for because she was in a messed up state of mind at the time.

She was, however, stunned a few days ago when the man who had clearly professed his love for her and stated that he wasn't in a relationship uploaded a video, celebrating his relationship anniversary with his partner.

Angered by what she had seen, she took a subtle jibe at Ayo on her Twitter timeline which got his attention and he stormed into her DM to lash at her.

But Yetty wasn't having any of it so she 'clapped back' before taking it a notch higher by sharing screenshots of their chats since the early parts of the year, in a bid to expose him.

The screenshots have caused an uproar from the moment it was shared, with many condemning Ayo for trying to deceitfully get into her pants.

The lady was not spared too, with a few people chastising her for not being straight with her disapproval of his request, while some others frowned at her for sharing their private discussions publicly.

Below are screenshots of the thread and exposed tweets:

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