5 Ways To Deal With Insomnia During Pregnancy
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5 Ways To Deal With Insomnia During Pregnancy

Titilayo Ilori

Sleeping during pregnancy can be difficult for some women, especially if they are in their first and last trimester. This is often caused by hormonal changes and the urge to urinate frequently. Find below things you can do to ensure that you get enough sleep.

1. Use extra pillows

You can use a pillow to support your back, your belly and between your legs in order to avoid lower back pain. This will help you get a sound sleep. Also, it is best to sleep on your side with the support of your pillows.

2. Avoid over the counter medications

As a pregnant woman, you shouldn't buy drugs over the counter without your doctor’s prescription. Don't buy a drug because it made your friend sleep properly. Remember that what works for A might not work for B. Always talk to your doctor before you use a drug.

3. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Eating healthy food can also contribute to good sleep during pregnancy. Take a lot of leafy greens, extra protein and calcium, not just for your unborn child, but for your body. You can also try drinking a glass of milk before going to bed. This will help you get enough sleep.

4. Relax regularly

As an expectant mother, you should avoid as much stress as you can. Relaxing regularly will help calm your nerves and mind.

5. Engage in regular exercise

Regular exercise will help you a lot during pregnancy. Exercising during pregnancy makes you healthy, physically and mentally. It also helps you sleep without feeling body pains. Avoid vigorous exercises and concentrate on light ones.

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