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Real Tok With Mr. PJ And The Gang: How Has Social Media Affected Your Relationship?


I remember that year when if person wan visit you, you go hear knock for ya door! Even person wey you no wan see sef go visit. No prior notice or information say dem dey come.

There was an element of surprise that came with it, though. Some were pleasant, others were not.

That year if you wan toast babe, na to compose love letter and when you submit am, na like in three days’ time you go get reply.

If you get message for ya loved ones wey dey village, na to dey find person wey dey go village to send am. But today, everything don change! Social media and internet don change everything!

So, on top REAL TOK, we wan talk about how this social media don take affect we relationship. Sey e don help, abi e don spoil am?

Join us on the show on Thursday by 3 pm as Mr. PJ Comedian discusses this and many more with his 'ogbonge' guest, MC PUFFY CFR. No dull moment on the show. Music and comedy go dey!

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