Blackface Releases Cover Of African Queen

Blackface Releases Cover Of African Queen

Fans react to Blackface’s "African Queen" cover.

Pearl Emmanuel

After several years of accusing legendary 2Baba of stealing his song, 'African Queen', Blackface has decided to create his version.

For years, Blackface has bashed 2Baba for going ahead to sing his song without his permission.

After granting numerous interviews to express his displeasure and obvious dislike for 2Baba, Blackface has finally done something about it.

Although the two musicians publicly ended their differences at a concert in Festac, Lagos, Blackface decided to cause an uproar with this version he dropped.

Blackface claimed to have sung the cover for his queen and urged her to stay the same, because he appreciated her originality.

There have been mixed reactions to the release of the 'African Queen' cover by Blackface.

Although most people love it, some feel that since 2baba had his name to the song and his career soared from it, Blackface should stop hating and concentrate on creating more original songs for his fans to enjoy.

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