Venita and Gedoni
Venita and Gedoni

Rumour Has It: Venita Asked Bouncers To Chase Gedoni From Her Hotel Room

It seems there’s more drama outside the BBNaija house and the evicted housemates are not afraid to dish it out.

Pearl Emmanuel

According to word on social media streets, Venita and Gedoni are currently at loggerheads and are also even not on talking terms since she left the Big Brother house.

From Venita's short stay in the house it is safe to say that her main strategy was to spice up the relationships in the house. By spice, she wanted to make herself the most desirable female in the house and deliberately create some sort of tension between couples.

Part of her grand scheme of things was to befriend the men who were in relationships. But along the line, it seemed she was genuinely interested in Gedoni or just acting. Khafi seemed uncomfortable with their relationship and this created a rift between them.

There were times when it seemed Gedoni was also developing feelings for Venita and he would sneak to speak with her. Venita seemed to have been caught in the web of her own game and felt Gedoni really liked her.

The last Sunday just before Gedoni was evicted, he pledged his allegiance to only Khafi and considered Venita a friend.

To Venita's dismay, Gedoni dedicated all his coins to Khafi, probably to avoid bashing from the public.

Now, Venita has left the Big Brother house and it seems Gedoni is ready to woo her in his favour.

According to rumours albeit unverified, Gedoni went to visit Venita at her hotel room and she reportedly told bouncers to escort him out.

Also, since Venita left the house, she hasn't been pictured with the other housemates. Fans speculate that since Venita had a budding career before joining the reality show, she might not want to hang out with the housemates because of the difference in their status.

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