Ike and Mercy
Ike and Mercy

BBNaija: If You Were A Boy, I Would Have Beaten You Up – Ike To Mercy

Ike and Mercy fight over coins in the house.

Pearl Emmanuel

The most entertaining yet controversial couple of the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality TV show recently got into another heated argument.

Ike was not happy about Mercy moving his belongings and he told her so. According to Ike, the way Mercy touched his stuff, especially his coins, showed zero respect for him.

This didn’t sit well with Mercy, as she felt Ike insulted her all because she tried to create space for his properties in the locker room.

A frustrated Ike tried to find out if Mercy was transferring aggression on him because he had some bottles of beer earlier on.

He explained to her that he was drinking because his cigarettes were running out and things weren’t peachy for him. It seemed she was trying to make him reduce his alcohol intake and smoking but he didn’t take it well, as he felt she was controlling his life.

In a fit of anger, he said to her, “If you were a boy, I would have beaten you up.”

In the heat of the moment, Ike threatened to throw the coins in the garden for everyone to pick up.

This statement didn’t bother Mercy in the least, as she requested that they share their coins so that both parties could manage their financial matters independently.

Their relationship has been described as toxic by other housemates but they seem unable to get enough of each other. They quarrel, break up and fight one minute; then kiss, laugh and make up the next. But summarily, they seem to be the most entertaining and fun-loving duo in the game.

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