Actress Ify Okeke Explains How She Deals With Body Shaming

Actress Ify Okeke Explains How She Deals With Body Shaming

Nollywood actress, Ify Okeke, has shared her experience to boost the confidence of plus-size women, especially in Nigeria.

Pearl Emmanuel

Plus-size budding Nollywood actress, Ify Okeke, has lent her voice to women struggling with depression and inferiority complex because of their size and looks.

She explained her ordeal on Instagram, especially when she was growing up and in the industry, noting that she has always been mistaken for an elderly person because of her size.

She advised plus-size women to be confident in themselves and love and appreciate their bodies.

Read what she wrote below:

Anybody who knows me too well knows that BODY SHAMING ME DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY doesn't move me. Yes, I am an emotional person but that part NO DEY WORK! Truly I had to do this to help a lot of people. Every day I get CALLS, DMs, SMS, WHATSAPP, MESSENGERS etc with cry of DEPRESSION or a question of HOW DO YOU DO IT? And what’s causing the DEPRESSION? COMPLEX! INFERIORITY COMPLEX ABOUT THEIR BODY SIZE. And I get so upset when they start with the whining part ... MY DEAR, NOBODY WILL LOVE YOU IF YOU DON’T LOVE YOURSELF! IFEOMA UZOAMAKA OGECHUKWU NNENNA EJEHI RACHAEL BOSE IYABO ARIYKE KEMI ELIZABETH MARIAIMMACULATE ONOME BEAUTY has NEVER wished to be like anybody. There’s nothing in this world I want to wear that I cannot wear as long as I look at myself in the mirror and feels OK I am set to go. Growing up I have always had slimmer friends, sometimes I am the youngest amongst us all or we're all within the same age bracket but looks older because of my size, even the industry judged me same way not just me but every plus-size person. Which one will I kill myself for? MY VOICE OR SIZE? None because I have always love me for ME. I FLAUNT IT WHEN I CHOOSE AND HOW I CHOOSE TO. Have got HOT LEGS, MY EVER SWEET FACE, MY SEXY VOICE, MY FINE UNIQUE GAP TOOTH, MY MAN U, MY ARSENAL, GODDDDDDDD and someone is hating herself for her gift. Please, help them to appreciate themselves and ROCK THE WORLD ...

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