Regina Daniels
Regina Daniels

Exclusive! See Why Regina Daniels Ended Her Relationship With Best Friend, Cassie

Here’s the true story of what transpired between Regina Daniels and her one-time best friend, Cassie.

Pearl Emmanuel

Contrary to rumours, Cassie did not seduce the elderly husband of young actress, Regina Daniels.

According to news from confirmed sources, Regina Daniels had to end her friendship with her former best friend because her billionaire husband, Ned Nwoko, kicked against it.

The grapevine whispered that Nwoko always had a problem with his teenage wife’s friendship with Cassie.

According to speculations, the billionaire kicked against their friendship after he discovered that his wife was no longer pregnant with their first child.

Sources say he suspected that Cassie’s union with his wife led to the loss of the pregnancy even though Regina told him otherwise.

It was later discovered that the young actress allegedly lost the pregnancy after ingesting safe abortion pills.

Nwoko saw a disturbing conversation between his wife, Regina, and best friend and was furious. This brought so much tension in their matrimonial home that his mother in-law, Rita Daniels, had to intervene.

One of Ned Nwoko’s conditions to let sleeping dogs lie was for his young bride to immediately cut ties with Cassie.

He also gave other conditions that Regina must publicly show her love for him by wearing her ring on her wedding finger in order to make it clear that she was indeed a married woman.

This goes to say beyond reasonable doubt that there was no seduction or food poisoning from Cassie to the family or Ned Nwoko particularly.

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