10 Tasty Snacks Loved By Nigerians

Check out the top 10 snacks loved and enjoyed by Nigerians.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

In Nigeria, snacking on the go is a culture we can't escape from. We enjoy eating snacks at work, on the go and even at home. Of course, these snacks are easily accessible, as there are available vendors on every street corner and you can get them even while stuck in traffic.

Not only do these snacks satisfy hunger pangs before a main meal, they have also provided a business avenue for entrepreneurs to get their daily bread and become employers of labour.

Check out some of these fascinating Nigerian traditional snacks below:

1. Puff-puff

This is a typical snack in Nigeria and is perfect for small chops on occasions, especially when in smaller sizes. In slight variations, puff-puff can also be found in some other parts of Africa.

2. Chin-chin

This is a crunchy snack that can be deep-fried or oven baked. Its size and shape is based on individual preference.

3. Coconut candies

These chewable, candy-like coconut snacks are easy to make. They could be thinly grated and fried to get a caramel colour. These snacks can also serve as dessert.

4. Meat pie

This is a sumptuous Nigerian snack and can be seen in some other inter-continental countries. This snack is an interesting and savoury one because of the spicy meat and vegetable filling in it.

5. Donkwa

This snack is peculiar to the Hausa tribe and it is made with finely ground cornmeal and groundnuts. It can also be spiced with chilli peppers.

6. Nuts

The first two that come to mind when nuts are mentioned in Nigeria are groundnuts and cashew nuts. Groundnuts as a snack can go with banana or bread.

7. Plantain chips

This is a light snack that can be made with either ripe or unripe plantain. This is one of the oldest snacks in Nigeria.

8. Egg rolls

This snack is usually made by wrapping up boiled egg in dough and deep-frying it.

9. Kulikuli (Groundnut cake)

This is made from roasted peanuts and is a popular Nigerian treat. It is commonly taken with garri.

10. Sausage roll and fish roll

These two snacks are made through the same process but have different fillings. They are both made from flour. While the sausage roll is filled with sausage, the fish roll is filled with mashed fish. They are delicious.

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