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6 Reasons Why Your Hands Are Shaking
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6 Reasons Why Your Hands Are Shaking

Titilayo Ilori

Shaky hands might be a sign of a medical condition that needs urgent attention or it might be as a result of a habit you picked up recently. Here are likely reasons you have shaky hands.

1. Post-traumatic stress disorder

People who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder can also experience shaky hands. In other words, shaky hands can be triggered by past tremors.

2. Movement disorder

The most common of all movement disorders that can lead to shaky hands is essential tremor. People with this disease might not feel any symptoms until late, unlike Parkinson's disease.

Another tremor that can lead to shaky hands is the intention tremor. You might experience shaky hands whenever you want to eat or write.

3. Low blood sugar

You might experience shaky hands if your brain lacks the right nourishment, and when this happens, you become unstable. The brain is a delicate part of your body. It does not produce its own sugar, so it becomes easily affected when your sugar level is low.

4. Lack of sleep

Depriving your body of sleep can make your brain malfunction. The body needs 8/9 hours of good sleep to reset and repair cells. If you stay awake longer than you are expected to, your body will start releasing adrenaline which will help to keep you awake but this will put too much pressure on your heart and cause your limbs to shake.

5.  Excess caffeine

Excess of everything has a negative effect on your health. Excess caffeine can affect the nervous system and make you restless. Abuse of other substances can also affect the cerebellum, making it difficult for such a person to gain balance.

6. Side effects of medication

It is advisable not to use any drugs without your doctor's prescription. Shaky hands can occur as a result of the side effects of some drugs