Hair loss
Hair loss

4 Causes Of Hair Loss In Men

Titilayo Ilori

Hair loss in men is a serious condition that needs urgent attention. It is often caused by what we eat and things we do. Below are a few things that can cause hair loss and should be avoided

1. Overbrushing

We all know that brushing our hair often makes a man look neat, but it also has a negative effect. It can cause hair loss and can weaken the hair. If you must comb your hair, use a comb and not a brush.

Men with relaxed hair do not need to comb too often. If your hair is relaxed, you can style it with your hand once in a while.

2. Poor diet

Not eating properly and lack of iron and vitamins can cause serious hair loss. If the food you eat does not have the necessary vitamins, you can try taking some supplements. This will protect your hair from falling out and will also make it grow.

3. Wearing a cap frequently

When you wear bowler hats or face caps too often, you are likely to experience hair loss. The cap rests on your temples and the temples are fragile. So, the more you wear a hat, the more it causes hair loss.

4. Washing your hair regularly

Most men are used to pouring water over their head every morning while bathing, which is normal. But applying too much shampoo and conditioner can cause hair breakage.

You need to allow the hair rest. Your hair has natural oil that protects it. But if you continue to wash it too often, you will wash the oil off.

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