The truth behind Lizzy Anjorin and Toyin Abraham’s War Revealed

The truth behind Lizzy Anjorin and Toyin Abraham’s War Revealed

Lizzy Anjorin and Toyin Abraham’s war was caused by a common friend they once shared. Guess who 'she' is?

Pearl Emmanuel

It is no longer news that actress Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin have been at each other's throats, in a conflict fans have termed the 3rd world war of Nollywood.

The fight started with Lizzy Anjorin calling out Toyin Abraham when she announced the arrival of her baby with husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi. Lizzy explained that she refused to congratulate Toyin because she was a pretentious person unlike the loving sweetheart she portrays herself to be on social media.

Toyin's fans took to Lizzy's page to caution her to desist from dragging the actress any further. Toyin did not respond to Lizzy's outburst.

Shortly afterwards, Lizzy unleashed her anger on Toyin and accused her of tarnishing her image, trolling her and also sending her fans to insult her.

According to our sources, both actress's fight started over a mutual friend they once shared in the person of Bobrisky.

It all started with Tonto's birthday in 2018 where she flew some friends to celebrate with her in Abuja. Toyin Abraham was part of the people invited because the months before the birthday, Tonto, Toyin and invariably Bob had become quite close.

Well the grapevine claim, Toyin felt so free and comfortable with Bobrisky that she spilled a lot of controversial secrets to the cross dresser in confidence.

According to speculations, part of what Toyin told Bob included stories involving Lizzy Anjorin and how she was allegedly arrested at the airport for drug peddling.

Shortly afterwards, Toyin was warned by the elders of Nollywood to desist and discontinue her relationship with Bobrisky as it would hurt her image and endorsements.

In a bid to come clean, Toyin reportedly opened up to Bobrisky about it, about her dilemma. Speculations say he did not take it well and in retaliation, the crossdresser dumped Toyin and moved to Lizzy Anjorin.

Source say Bobrisky was in a hurry to earn Lizzy's trust that he spilled information, Toyin divulged to him in confidence.

The growing friendship with Lizzy Ajorin was a reason, Bobrisky gave the Alfas of a mosque the fake cheque of 500,000, which caused an uproar online.

Although there has been several interventions from well respected personalities to end their war, Lizzy Anjorin has promised not to relent while Toyin after issuing a lawsuit and demanding an apology from Lizzy has gone silent over the issue.

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