5 Things Couples Should Do To Stay Happy
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5 Things Couples Should Do To Stay Happy

Titilayo Ilori

Being happy or sad in a marriage has to do with the couple. No one will bring happiness to your marriage. Both of you have to work towards achieving happiness. There are things couples ought to do regardless of their age in order to keep the fire in their marriage burning. These things include:

1. Cuddle in the morning

Some couples do not greet each other in the morning let alone cuddle. Research has shown that couples who cuddle are the happiest. So, start your day with some cuddling and see how well your day goes.

2. Kiss passionately

If you truly love each other, you should be willing to give each other a kiss as often as you can. It has a way of igniting the passion in your relationship. It also strengthens your love.

3. Talk about each other's day

Some men think because their partner is a housewife, there is no need to ask her how her day went. This is wrong, as doing housechores can sometimes be more stressful than sitting in an office. As a couple, you should always talk about each other's day, what happened, who said what and so on.

4. Share each other's pain

You should share your partner's pain and be able to know whatever is going on in your partner's life and be willing to help.

5. Love, trust and respect each other

The most important thing in a relationship is trust. When trust is in a relationship, the couple can face and overcome any obstacle. If you want to stay happy as a couple you must always respect your partner, friends, and family.

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