Laura Ikeji
Laura Ikeji

Is Laura Ikeji Closing Down Her Fashion Store?

It seems fashion influencer, Laura Ikeji, might be having difficulties with her business.

Pearl Emmanuel

Laura Ikeji, sister of celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, is known for her engagement with fans on social media.

She gained popularity on Instagram by dancing and being quite cheerful, and a lot of people lived vicariously through her. This in turn earned her many endorsements.

2018 was a solid year for Laura, who bagged multiple endorsement deals from different brands, and she also started running adverts for businesses on her page.

She recorded sales from her store, known as 'The Gang', and made millions from sales of her book 'How to Make Money on Instagram'. She also went on several tours.

This year hasn't been glamorous for the influencer, starting with the loss of her pregnancy and striving to get pregnant again. She reportedly also had to deal with some financial problems in her marriage, with former footballer husband, Ogbobeke.

The influencer is known for being business savvy and also promoting her fashion store.

Recall that Happenings reported that all might not be rosy with the actress currently as she is allegedly having issues with her husband. Also, she became pregnant and a reliable source confirms business is not booming at all and has, in fact, dropped drastically.

This could be one of the reasons the influencer hasn't posted on her page about her store in a while now.

In fact, our source confirms that contrary to what we see on Instagram detailing new arrivals in her botique or plans for a spacious and bigger store, she may be closing shop.

Our source also explains that upon reaching the store a few days ago, it was almost empty and not as big as what is being portrayed on Instagram.

Leaving a rather pertinent question, is Laura Ikeji letting her marital woes affect her business and finances?

This further justifies speculations that her rather expensive and high-flying lifestyle is financed by none other than her billionaire big sister, Linda Ikeji.

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