Silly Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Get Your Ex Back
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Silly Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Get Your Ex Back

Titilayo Ilori

Breakups can be quite painful, no one wishes to experience them, except for good reasons.

Some relationships hit the rock perhaps because of Infidelity and also because we do not appreciate our partner.

If you are undecided about recounciling with your partner, here is what to do; write down things your partner has done wrong and things he or she has done right if the good is more than the bad than you may proceed in getting your ex back.

When trying to get your ex-partner back there are rules you must follow, so you are successful.

1. Blaming your partner

Your partner might be the cause of the problem that led to the breakup, however finger pointing will do you no good. Avoid discussing the past and concentrate on moving forward.

2. Judging wrongly

While trying to resolve a misunderstanding with your ex try to stay calm and control your temper. Getting into a shouting match is one sure way to lose them all over again.

Don't be so quick to jump into conclusion about your ex, if you are not sure of what the problem is always ask questions and don't assume.

3. Don't involve family and friend

After a breakup you might feel involving your partner's friends and family is the best way to get him or her back, but it is never the best approach. You can never tell who is for you and who is against you

Discussing your personal life with an outsider is wrong, you should learn to resolve whatever problem you both are facing on your own.

4.  Don't pinpoint each others mistake

It is very easy to blame your partner for the problems you face in your relationship but as an individual, you need to think of what you have been doing wrong and work toward changing.

Don't emphasise your partner's wrongdoing rather encourage them to be better.

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