Rumour Has It: Nigerian Kim Kardashian Befriends Hotel Owner In Abuja

Rumour Has It: Nigerian Kim Kardashian Befriends Hotel Owner In Abuja

Baby girl allegedly lands a wealthy sponsor in Abuja.

Pearl Emmanuel

If you have noticed, the light skinned OAP and president of the association of Baby girls has not been flaunting her friend, owner of Good Hair, like she used to in the past.

According to news making the rounds, the owner of Carlton Hotel and Apartments in Abuja wanted an official launch of the hotel earlier this year and asked for some specific celebrities and influencers to be present.

The captain allegedly informed the Good Hair boss to make her friend, Baby girl, available for the grand opening, so she could make an appearance.

According to the grapevine, Good Hair boss brokered the deal and ensured that Baby girl attended. Meanwhile, on Instagram, Baby girl posted that she was flying alone in the private jet, while in reality, Baby girl was in the jet with others.

On getting to the opening, Baby girl went behind Good Hair boss and started the other room conversation with Captain H, owner of the hotel and their amiable host.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the captain's wife bought hair from and was a close friend of Good Hair boss and an acquaintance of Baby girl.

According to rumours, Baby girl shortly started going out with Captain H who started spending on her and inviting her to Abuja without the knowledge of her friend who introduced her to the captain.

The relationship allegedly continued smoothly until the wife of Captain H discovered the affair and confronted the Good Hair boss who in turn confronted Baby girl.

Baby girl has refused to let go of Captain H because of his fat bank account and his continuous sponsoring of her trips and Baby girl lifestyle.

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