Yoruba Actress Tayo Sobola Calls out Saidi Balogun for Fraud

Yoruba Actress Tayo Sobola Calls out Saidi Balogun for Fraud

Pearl Emmanuel

Self acclaimed lane minder, Tayo Sobola popularly known as Sotayogaga has called out her colleagues Saidi Balogun and Mustapha Sholagbade for introducing her to a man who defrauded her friends.

According to the actress, she was approached by her colleagues to join them on their hajj trip to Mecca.

The man who she calls Idris, also allegedly approached her to become their brand ambassador but she turned him down.


Upon insistence from her colleague Saidi Balogun, she accepted to work with Idris and organise the trip.

According to the actress, Idris got in touch with some of her contacts who were interested in the trip. He collected the total sum of about 4.7 million from her friends and disappeared into thin air.

Thus Sotayogaga dragged Saidi Balogun into the mess and asked him to provide Idris because her friends are threatening to tarnish her image on social media.

Read What she wrote below:

WANTED!!!!! Months ago i was approached by @saidibalogun and @mustiphasholagbade to go on Hajj/mecca trip with them sponsored by this guy named IDRIS.I was talked into becoming an ambassador for his company and i refused immediately. After much questioning from me to @saidibalogun and @mustiphasholagbade ,they assured me that they know him well and he’s not a scammer. Then i accepted the offer of going with them to Hajj. Now, i was sent a flier to post on my page which is suppose to be the proper procedure to be taken. Now, to cut all long stories this guy took money from some of my contacts and since then he has neither called anyone /picked up calls nor refunded the money he collected . He’s nowhere to be found.Mr @saidibalogun i have been calling and messaging you in the last few months please and please , kindly provide this guy you claim to know. He needs to refund the money he took from my contacts .I have tried my best to keep this off the internet. This will be my first move on this, dont test my patience!!! Please help me repost this ooo!! Atleast if you cant provide him , maybe the internet will help me. His girlfriends page is @abolajilawal22 and she has also been claiming not to know his whereabout.

The actress' outburst was obviously misconstrued by fans, who thought she had it in for Saidi Balogun.

However she explained that the only reason she came to complain on social media was because Saidi wasn't picking her calls and avoiding her.

Also he had also refused to speak to her about the issue.

She explained that her name was about to be spoiled, hence the reason she was speaking out.

At the time of writing this report, Saidi Balogun is yet to respond to these accusations.

Do you think Saidi Balogun planned with Idris to swindle unsuspecting fans?

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