Tips On How To Escape  a Terrible Date
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Tips On How To Escape a Terrible Date

Titilayo Ilori

Going on a date with someone who is cheerful and bubbly is exciting. However, if you are unlucky to be on a date with somebody boring, it can be a disaster.

These are tips you should consider when you want to escape a disastrous date:

1. Always meet in an open place

Don't meet a person for the first time in a private place. Rather opt for a more public setting. That way, if the date is going bad, you can easily walk away without fear of violence or assault.

2.  Be polite

It is rather rude to tell your date that he or she is a bore. This will make an already bad situation worse. Be as polite as possible, laugh at their jokes and keep a smaile plastered on your face, while you plot your escape.

3. Send an SOS to a friend

You can send a message to a friend telling him or her to call you (we all have this one friend who is always a lifesaver), then act like it is an emergency you must attend to.

If you use two phones, another option is to use one of your phones to call the other. Remember to put the phone making the call on vibrate, so the dial tone does not ring out.

4.  Make a quick exit

If you go on a date and you don't feel comfortable, excuse yourself immediately. Use the pretext of going to the restroom.

If you are uncomfortable about taking your bag, pick what is important to you and leave the bag at the table.

Remember, use this method only in desperate situations.

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