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One-Third Of Africans Studying In The U.S. Are Nigerians - Official

One-Third Of Africans Studying In The U.S. Are Nigerians - Official

Jayfred Ugo

The Cultural Affairs Officer of the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria, Malia Heroux, has confirmed that one-third of Africans studying in the U.S are Nigerians.

Heroux disclosed this at an education fair for Nigerian students, where she announced that the information was based on a survey done in the United States.

She said the other percentage was shared among all other African countries in general.

The fair, organised by the 'EducationUSA' Advising Center, was set up to familiarise Nigerian students seeking admission into American universities for undergraduate and graduate programmes with scholarship opportunities.

At the event, which was largely attended by students from over 20 public and private schools in Abuja, she discussed the many scholarship opportunities the students could explore.

Ms Zion Umar
Ms Zion Umar

In July 2019, Ms Zion Umar, a survivor of Boko Haram terror in Borno State, had bagged three degrees in a Californian university in the US. This was four years after she underwent a successful surgery to remove a bullet in her head.

Ms Umar and many other Nigerians have been known for their zeal in studying and exemplary feat in U.S. universities.

The 'EducationUSA' scholarship board also declared Nigeria as the most dedicated African country in the education sector, stating that the youths of the country apply for scholarship programs more than any other country and are keen to further their education abroad.