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Sex Therapist, Jaruma, Goes Into Hiding After Tacha’s Disqualification

Pearl Emmanuel

Shortly after Tacha's disgraceful exit from the reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, her major benefactor, Jaruma, went into hiding, privatized her Instagram page and started deleting most of the images of Tacha on her page.

Jaruma, who told everyone that Tacha was going to win the show, was rumoured to have given the disqualified housemate her blue-eyed jewellery which she claimed was capable of bringing forth miracles.

Tacha might have believed in the works of her benefactor so much so that she was overconfident and arrogant, believing she was going to be on the show till the last day. Sadly, it earned her a disqualification from the organisers of the show.

Jaruma has prided herself as the chief sex therapist and voodoo expert. She announced in late 2018 that she was siding with APC presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, for president and assured social media that, with her blue-eyed jewellery, he was guaranteed to win the presidency seat. But that didn't happen.

Tacha's loss is another major setback for the self-acclaimed sex therapist, as many may lose faith in the potency of her charms. To salvage the situation, Jaruma has deleted all posts of Tacha on her page and privatized her page as well. Other influencers and celebrities who were formerly supporting Tacha have also renounced her and it seems no one wants to be associated with her. This means that the 23-year-old Tacha might just be on her own.