4 Natural Remedies For Eczema

Margaret Solace

Eczema is a skin condition that can happen to anyone. It often affects children and can get better with age or continue till adulthood.

There is no cure for eczema but it can be managed. A sign of eczema is itchy, dry scaling skin that can lead to breakage and infection due to too much scratching.

Areas where one can be affected include inside of the elbow, back of the neck, back of the knees, fingers, on the back and on the face. You are at risk of having eczema if you often have allergy problems and react to certain foods or the environment. Some people react to dust mites, pollen or foods.

If some things cause flare ups for you, you should avoid them. People with eczema often find it difficult to meet people. Some have difficulties being social as a result of rude stares and insensitive questions on their skin condition. Some have difficulty sleeping because they itch a lot.

There are natural remedies for eczema, things you can find in your kitchen refrigerator, kitchen store or the kitchen itself. These can help soothe dry itchy skin caused by eczema. Check out some of them below.

1. Coconut oil

This fatty oil helps fight bacteria. It has inflammatory properties and also adds moisture to the skin.

2. Apple cider

This contains acid, balances skin acidity levels and also fights bacteria.

3. Honey

This is a natural skin relief remedy. It contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.

4. Tea tree oil

This also contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties as well as wound healing boosters.

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