Aggressive behaviour
Aggressive behaviour

4 Ways To Control Your Child's Aggressive Behaviour

Titilayo Ilori

It is normal for children to kick, hit and beat each other, but it is the duty of the parents to educate them on why they should never get physical no matter what. Below are four ways to control your child's aggressive behaviour.

1. Help them overcome their fear

Most times, fear can make children become aggressive because their brain is still too tender to understand that they can always walk away. So, they might hit people around just to overcome their fear. You can control your children's aggressive behaviour by helping them overcome their fear.

2. Stop them from getting angry

Some kids hit at other kids just to seek attention. They see hitting as a form of communication. Sometimes, when children are passing through a phase, they tend to hit, kick and beat.

3. Avoid scolding

When dealing with your children, you must be careful. If you notice your children have the habit of hitting someone whenever they are angry, explain to them why this is wrong. Do not raise your voice, so you do not scare them. Learn to control your temper.

4. Hold their hand

You can hold your child's hand gently to stop him from striking out and let the child know why you are holding on to his hand. That way, he would know that he is doing something wrong.

5.  Leave with your child

If you are out visiting or at an event, and your child starts hitting other children, the best way to stop the child is to leave the place for your house. It will serve as punishment and as a way to keep the child in check.

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