5 Reasons Why You Should Read To Your Children

Margaret Solace

Reading daily to young children can help both the parents and the kids. Not only do you teach your kids, you learn new things as you read. Reading can help your kids with language acquisition and literacy skills.

It helps to stimulate the part of the brain that allows them to understand the meaning of language and helps build literary and social skills.

Here are the reasons you should always read to your kids.

1. It helps you form a bond with them

Reading to your kids creates a certain bond with them. When you read to them, they feel more relaxed with you. You can easily tell their emotions, when they want to cry, when they need to sleep etc.

2. It prepares their brain

Reading to your kids helps build up strong nerves connected to acquiring knowledge. It boosts their focus and concentration. It helps with their mental stimulation.

3. It reduces stress

Reading generally helps to relax the mind. So, think of how relaxed your kids would be with you when you read to them or they read along with you.

4. Your children learn to read without your help

Reading to your kids helps build their confidence. They are able to read even when you are not there. To them, you are always there and they might want to impress you. So, they read well whether you are there or not.

5. It boosts their vocabulary skills

When you read to your kids, it helps them speak better. It helps with their writing skills, too. When you read to them, they learn new words and you correct them even when they make mistakes.

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