5 Ways To Deal With An Ex Who Is Stuck On You

5 Ways To Deal With An Ex Who Is Stuck On You

Margaret Solace

This article is about exes who refuse to see the red light and would just not move on. Some even stalk you, since they know your daily activities. Here are things you should do if your ex refuses to move on.

1. Practise what you preach

You said goodbye already. Do not lead him on by taking his calls. Do not entertain gifts because you love free things. Do not reply his messages. Let him know that you have moved on.

2. Guard your emotions

If you remain vulnerable to your emotions when it comes to your ex, you are at risk of letting them stay in your life. Because they’ve been with you at some time, they know your weaknesses. Try as much as possible to be flexible. Try to change how you allow your emotions drive you.

3. Create boundaries

Create boundaries for your ex. There is a limit to how they react to you. Collect your keys or anything that will bring you two together. Ask for your space.

4. Block them

If after trying all these things, they do not get the message, block them. No one will beat you or scold you for having control over your personal life.

5. Let people know

This should be your last resort if your ex does not let go. Let people around you know that your ex could turn dangerous and obsessive if they cannot deal with rejection well.

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