5 Types Of Friends You Should Avoid If You Are Married
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5 Types Of Friends You Should Avoid If You Are Married

Titilayo Ilori

Some friends add value to your marriage while others do not. It is best to know which friend to stick to and which ones to keep at arm's length. Below are the types of friends to stay away from for the sake of your marriage.

1. Friends that do not respect your spouse

You should stay far away from friends that talk to your spouse in a rude manner or friends that do not see anything good in your spouse. Such people are not good for your marriage.

2. Friends who try to turn you against your spouse/family

Some friends get jealous whenever you put your family's needs first, and because of this, they try to turn you against your family.

Friends who advise you to do things without seeking permission from your family members do not have your best interest at heart. They say things like "You don't need to ask anyone for permission", "You are big enough to decide," or "You can do it without telling your partner."

3. Friends of the opposite sex

As a married woman or man, you should not have the opposite sex as your best friend. Your spouse might not be comfortable with it, no matter how mature he or she is.

4. Friends who encourage you to lie to your spouse

Some friends are good at lying and they try their best to encourage you to do the same. They even convince you that there is nothing wrong with it.

5. Friends who encourage you to steal from your spouse

Some women are tempted to steal from their spouses, perhaps because he does not provide materially for the house. Stealing is not good for your marriage and your friend might use it against you one day.

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