5 Signs Of A Bad Nanny
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5 Signs Of A Bad Nanny

Titilayo Ilori

There are several reasons why parents hire nannies to look after their little ones when they are away.

It is not easy choosing the right caregiver for children because of good and bad people out there and you would usually find out when it is already too late, after employing them.

Thus as a parent, it is your duty to look out for changes in your children after hiring a nanny. Don't trust your nanny blindly with your child.

Below are warning signs every parent should watch out for if they leave their children in the hands of nannies.

1. Does your child feel scared whenever the nanny is around?

Kids always give signs, it is the responsibility of the parent to look out for them, take note of how your child reacts whenever the nanny is around. Do they feel scared/happy, you should be able to detect if your child is happy or not.

No matter how busy you are, make sure you spend time with your child ask them questions about what happened when you were away.

2. Do your kids always look unkempt

If you notice your kids are always looking dirty and hungry each time you feed them, or they often have a runny nose or constant fever then you should know something is wrong.

Some nannies will go to the extent of eating the food meant for children and feed them a few minutes to when the parent will arrive.

3. The nanny cannot tell you how her day went

You should always ask your children's nanny questions she would not expect. Questions like what happened today? what did the children eat? what time did they eat? If she cannot answer these questions correctly, or you notice she is lying or being too secretive it is best to let such a person go, if she's has nothing to hide she will communicate with you freely

4. Do your kids keep quiet each time she walks in

If you notice your child goes silent when the nanny walks in, this is a sign she has done something bad to him/her and the child has been threatened not to speak about it. In a situation like that, you should let the child know it's okay to talk to you.

That is why it is very important to always create a father/child or mother/child relationship, this will make your child feel free to talk to you about anything.

5. Do your kids have scratches

Some nannies don't use a cane on the child because it will leave marks on them, that does not mean they don't harm them. You should always look out for nail marks, redness on any part of the body, teeth marks, swelling and so on.

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