Audio Money: 50 Million Naira Causes Rift Between Tacha and Jaruma

Audio Money: 50 Million Naira Causes Rift Between Tacha and Jaruma

Pearl Emmanuel

Following the disqualification of Tacha (No Leave, No Transfer) from the reality TV show Big brother Naija, some celebrities in order to chase clout and capitalise on the ex contestant to trend, promised to give her money.

Some of these people include Peter Okoye of now defunct Psquare, Bobrisky, and Jaruma to mention a few.

It became a kind of competition and Jaruma decided to top the chart by promising to give Tacha 50 million naira.

According to reports albeit unverified, the self acclaimed sex therapist who many have severally insinuated was pimping out many female celebrities and influencers to Arab men, would not fulfill this promise without getting something in return for the money gift.

Rumour mongers also say Jaruma is in the business of pimping with the help of Dubai based billionaire Mompha.

News reaching Happenings debunks stories that Jaruma heavily funded Tacha's campaign while she was in BBNaija house.

According to news on social media streets, Jaruma claims to have contributed about 1.8 million naira to vote Tacha, meanwhile members of Tacha's campaign cannot verify her claim.

Concerning the audio money sum of N50 million, after Bobrisky remitted 500,000 naira out of his promised 1 million naira he shaded Jaruma. The sex therapist immediately reached out to Tacha and told her to fly to Dubai to collect the promised N50 million.

But Tacha and her team declined and told her to send the money straight to her account seeing that Tacha was bent on repairing her image in Nigeria and wasn't scheduled to travel outside Nigeria anytime soon.

Sources claim this trip was to make Tacha actually work for and earn the promised 50 million naira. When Tacha refused the invitation, Jaruma flared up and tried to forcefully drive her point home.

When Tacha ignored her and went ahead to comment on Bobrisky's page acknowledging his "video money" that was the last straw.

Sources say that Jaruma got really upset and has since blocked Tacha on Instagram.

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