Boy Narrates How Police Extorted His 130k Meant For ICAN Scholarship

Boy Narrates How Police Extorted His 130k Meant For ICAN Scholarship

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

A Nigerian student has gone on Twitter to narrate the story of how police officers extorted 130 thousand naira from him in Ile-Ife, Osun State.

According to the young man, he and his friend had planned on travelling to Ile-Ife from Lagos to process their application for both the ICAN scholarship and their transcripts.

The friend left the day before and they both agreed to meet in their school where the application was to be processed the next day.

On the day of the trip, the boy who uses the name Adegbemigun Josh on Twitter went to Ojota and took a cab that would take him to Ile-Ife.

But the trip took a wrong twist when some policemen stopped the cab for what they usually call routine checks. They found out during their checks that the driver's papers were incomplete.

Seeing that the matter was delaying his plans, Josh proposed that the officers let them out of the cab so he could take another bus but instead of obliging him, they decided to take him and the driver to their station even after explaining his situation.

Things got worse for him when he got to the station with them and they figured he was a freelancer and into Bitcoin. They claimed that the Nigerian government was against Bitcoin and then requested that he pay a huge sum to bail himself.

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