"Judas The Rat” - Vector Responds To M.I’s ‘The Viper’ With Another Diss Track

"Judas The Rat” - Vector Responds To M.I’s ‘The Viper’ With Another Diss Track

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

So, it seems like the beef between 'African rapper number one' M.I and the Viper, Vector, is far from over, as both men still evidently have more to say about each other.

This morning, Vector dropped his newest diss track in response to the heavy punch M.I gave him in the last round.

Last Saturday, Chocolate City chairman, M.I, uploaded his response to Vector's 'The Purge' in which the rapper dragged him and called his fans dumb.

The poetic maestro had avoided giving any direct response to Vector despite several direct jibes thrown at him, instead, M.I had used his Martell Cyphers to send whatever message he had for other rappers.

But the calling out of his fans got to him, as he noted on social media and that was the main reason he decided to respond to the man who has become his biggest rival in recent years.

M.I's diss was so good that it became the trending topic on social media that day, with many crowning him the winner already while others anticipated a 'big' response from Vector.

Today, Vector released his response to M.I's song and it's been a buzzing topic on Twitter. Some 'rap heads' have thumbed him up for coming up swiftly with a response while others have slated him for not going harder on the chairman.

Did you know that Jesse Jags was dragged into this one? Listen to the track below and be the judge:

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