Ladies! Here Are 3 Ways To Rock Your Heels Comfortably
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Ladies! Here Are 3 Ways To Rock Your Heels Comfortably

Titilayo Ilori

A woman's outfit is not complete without a good pair of shoes. It is important for you as a woman to wear the right pair of shoes in order to be comfortable and to avoid putting extra pressure on your feet.

Below are basic tips on how to feel comfortable wearing heels.

1. Go for the right pair

The number one rule you should always remember when buying heels is, never buy what others are buying. Always buy what you can wear.

As a woman, you should know the type of heels you will be comfortable wearing. It could be a wedge, cube soles, pencil heels, stilettos, etc.

If you are left in pain after wearing pencil heels, then go for shoes that are balanced, such as a platform or shoes with cube block heels. They are comfortable and can be worn all day.

2.  Practise at home

Wearing a new pair of shoes for the first time might feel strange to your feet and legs. You can wear the shoes at home before you decide to wear them out. Some shoes that are open in front usually cause blisters on the toes. To avoid this, you can rub shea butter or coconut oil on your toes.

3. Do not buy your exact size

When shoe shopping, it is best to go for a size that is slightly bigger than your exact size. This is especially important if you have to wear the shoes all day. You have to consider the fact that your feet might get swollen, and if you are wearing smaller shoes, the pain will become unbearable. But your feet will fit into shoes that are a few sizes bigger.

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