Man Cries Out After GTBank Forces Loan With Over 70k Interest On Him Without His Approval

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

A Guaranty Trust Bank customer has taken to social media to lament after he was allegedly given a loan with over 70 thousand naira interest without his permission.

According to the angry customer, he had applied to get a loan with another bank but the bank requested for his bank statement from the last six months which he requested from his bank.

That move made GTBank send him a text and an email to inform him that he was eligible for a 390 thousand naira loan. The text came with a code he was to dial to get more info.

Curious to see what their offer was about, he dialled the code but for two days he got no response, so he tried again and was told that his request was unsuccessful.

But surprisingly on the third day, he received an email credit alert. The loan amount had been paid into his account without his approval, with interest of over 70 thousand naira.

Shocked and upset about the whole process, he has taken to his Twitter page to call the attention of the Central Bank while also alerting other bank users.

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