4 Ways You May Be Suffocating Your Partner
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4 Ways You May Be Suffocating Your Partner

Titilayo Ilori

There are times you do things that might suffocate your partner, and when they cannot bear it anymore, it leads to a breakup. Below are ways you might be suffocating your partner without knowing it.

1. You constantly call to know their whereabouts

This can be irritating when it becomes too much. If your partner is the type that complains about this habit, stop it.

Calling your partner every minute to ask of their whereabouts or getting angry if they do not pick or respond quickly to your message is not healthy.

The truth is that you should give your partner the freedom to spend time with other friends.

2. You constantly go through their phone

Going through your partner's phone is like cutting onions. The more you cut, the more you cry.

A relationship that lacks trust is bound to end up hitting the rocks. Even if you know your partner's password, you should not try it. Learn to respect your partner's privacy.

3. You cannot control your temper

You are suffocating your partner if you have the habit of poking your nose in their private affairs, preventing them from having friends of the opposite sex or insisting on knowing all their friends.

4. You impose your decision on them

Leave your partner to make some decisions. It is wrong to impose your decisions on them. You can only advise. Your partner would decide what to do. Otherwise, your partner might think you are trying to control their life.

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