Tacha and Jaruma
Tacha and Jaruma

Jaruma Explains Her Bitterness Towards Tacha

Pearl Emmanuel

The bad blood between Tacha and former benefactor, Jaruma, has continued to linger.

The fight started between the duo when Jaruma allegedly asked Tacha and her team to dedicate an exclusive appreciation post to her, as opposed to the general one she issued to the public where she mentioned several names.

Tacha refused to oblige to Jaruma's request and shortly after that, news broke out that Jaruma asked Tacha to fly all the way to Dubai to collect the 50 million naira she promised on Instagram after she was disqualified from the reality show.

Tacha, once again, refused to grant Jaruma's request and instead went ahead to publicly acknowledge Bobrisky's gift of 1 million naira. This must have made Jaruma angry and she started lashing out.

According to the self-acclaimed sex therapist, she spent the most amount of money on votes for Tacha and sent the said money into Tacha's account which was being handled by her team, spearheaded by the mysterious Ladi, Tacha's boyfriend.

When asked by a curious follower the reason for her animosity towards Tacha, she explained that Tacha came to her before the reality show soliciting her help with claims that she had no one, not even family members, to support her.

According to Jaruma, Tacha also sent a few celebrities like Nkechi Blessing to also appeal to her. After much pleading, Jaruma claims to have accepted; hence, her reason for going all out for the former BBNaija housemate irrespective of the threats and abuses.

Jaruma explained that her pain stems from the fact that after going through the hassle of helping Tacha, she refused to acknowledge or appreciate her help. Instead, she went ahead to greet her like a total stranger

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