OTB Warri to Lagos
OTB Warri to Lagos

Lagos Stood Still At The OTB Warri To Lagos Musical Stage Play

Pearl Emmanuel

Popular voice over artist, coach and On Air Personality at Naija FM, Onoge Tega Ben, known by his initials OTB, has been in the entertainment industry for 10 years and commemorated his 10th year in Lagos with a musical stage play.

The show began quite flat with some comedians desperately trying to be funny.

Some musicians, however, soon brightened the mood of the audience while they anticipated the grand show.

The ambience of the venue was welcoming and comfortable. The artworks on the stage, along with the lights and sounds created a relaxing atmosphere.

The musical drama, detailing the On Air Personality's journey from his community in Warri to Lagos, was a glorious sight. The dancers and singers were adorned in colourful and beautifully woven Nigerian indigenous fabrics peculiar to the Warri people of South Southern Nigeria.

The uniformity and synchronization of their feet, voices and body movements along with the visual presentation on the screen was an epitome of sheer ingenuity.

The musical stage play told the story of a multi-talented young man, who passionately performed at local events in Warri, but was never appreciated or given proper renumeration to encourage his talent.

He was looked upon by family and community members as a failure and colossal embarrassment. He sought for a better life and advice from friends in Lagos who encouraged him to travel to the big city with cajoling promises of helping him "blow" and "hammer" into a millionaire in barely a month.

The event proceeded to melodiously tell the young man's journey and woes encountered, with beautiful music interludes.

It was a realistic yet enthusiastic story of hope and determination.

The resounding thunderous applause from the audience showed they were indeed impressed and their wide smiles spoke volumes. Just when we thought the event couldn't get better, top-notch comedy was delivered by the "Roro" king who came out to support OTB, as well as Ushbebe and online comedy sensation, DAT Warri Girl.

The night came to a beautiful climax when Kcee mounted the stage and delivered an applause-worthy performance, which left everyone dancing on their feet.

The first edition of OTB Warri to Lagos was indeed the first of its kind and the attention to details was beyond Nigerian standard. Most guests who attended were happily looking forward to a second edition of the musical stage play.

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