Jaruma and Esther
Jaruma and Esther

See Why Esther Abandoned Jaruma And Refused To Travel To Dubai For 'Omugwo'

Things do not seem to be going well with Jaruma and the last Big Brother Naija housemates.

Pearl Emmanuel

A few days ago, after falling out with Tacha over the appreciation post and Tacha's decline to oblige Jaruma's invitation to Dubai for the so-called 'Omugwo' (a traditional term peculiar to the Eastern part of Nigeria, where a family member takes care of a nursing mother and her new born), she went on to announce that Nina and Esther will be visiting.

Fans were surprised at the self-acclaimed sex therapist's publicity of people coming for 'Omugwo'. First, it was serial fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, who has visited twice already.

Later, Jaruma invited Tacha over who declined and chose to stay in Lagos to secure her future and rebrand herself.

Then Jaruma went on to invite Nina from the third edition of Big brother Naija, tagged 'Double Wahala', and Esther from the just concluded reality show. Jaruma's explanation for inviting Esther was that a friend had asked earlier that she support Esther but she declined and wanted to use the Dubai trip as a consolation to her.

According to news reaching us, Esther's parents did not seem comfortable with someone with Jaruma's reputation getting involved with their daughter and asked her to cancel the trip.

After much begging to no avail, Esther, left with no choice, had to cancel on Jaruma. This must have angered the sex therapist who went ahead to block Esther on Instagram.

Jaruma went ahead to explain to her fans that Nina would be coming to Dubai alone. She did a poll for her fans to choose between Nina and Esther and the fans apparently chose Nina.

She went on to advise her fans to disregard what blogs were saying about her, as most of them are untrue.

The question remains: What kind of Omugwo is Nina going to do for Jaruma, who is surrounded by her aunties and family members? The streets of social media speculate this might be a cover up for a romantic hook up with a mystery sugar daddy. What are your thoughts?

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