Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

Toyin Abraham Finally Replies Lizzy Anjorin With Her Best Kept Secret

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Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, struggled for years to conceive and bear children to no avail.

According to fans, apart from the violence she endured in her marriage to actor husband, Adeniyi Johnson, her inability to swiftly bear a child led to his infidelity. This, in turn, led to their divorce.

When Toyin finally fell in love and got pregnant, she hid it from the public due to the fear of losing her unborn child.

Shortly after the birth of her son, Ire, Lizzy Anjorin insulted Toyin for going to different traditional houses and her inability to travel outside the country to deliver. Toyin paid deaf ears to all of Lizzy's insults.

A few days ago, Toyin announced that she would be unveiling something big and she did yesterday.

Toyin has launched her traditional kit to help women with fertility issues, an experience she has been through. She decided to use her knowledge to make some money as well.

Toyin announced that the herbs helped her conceive her baby boy.

Toyin Abraham Finally Replies Lizzy Anjorin With Her Best Kept Secret

She took to Instagram to write:

Hello Toyin Titans! This here is the story of my journey to motherhood. My lifelong desire has always been to become a mother and so far I can say that the experience has been humbling and amazing at the same time. Many women who just like me have the desire of becoming mothers have experienced issues with conception and in my research I have come to understand that the number is more alarming than you can imagine. The other conventional methods of conceiving are very expensive and only a few can actually afford it. When was first introduced to traditional remedies, I was the biggest skeptic, but after seeing the proofs in other women, I had no choice but to believe, and I am glad I did. The effectiveness of the traditional herbal remedies of our forefathers must be preserved. Working with experienced traditional herbalists who source for our herbs and have advised on the use, I bring to you a solution to the headache of many...

The issue of infertility is a big gap to fill and many have applauded Toyin for deciding to offer a proper solution to other women who are probably tired of seeking Orthodox medical care from doctors.

In less than 12 hours of launching her new project and the social media page, Toyin has gotten over 15,000 followers on Instagram and also announced that the first batch of her fertility kit is selling out faster than she imagined.

Her colleagues and other celebrities have thrown their weight and support behind her as well, sending congratulatory messages and urging their female fans with fertility issues to try the product.

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