Omashola and Venita at War Over Romance Gone Bad

Omashola and Venita at War Over Romance Gone Bad

Pearl Emmanuel

The war between Venita and Omashola has escalated and it is getting quite serious.

Omashola severally made passes at Venita from when she got into the game midway. At first Venita enjoyed all the attention she was getting from Omashola and other male housemates.

The friendship however began to experience some turbulence when Venita told Omashola off because she became uncomfortable with his overly loud behaviour and suffocating jealousy.

The conversation did not seem to go well with Omashola who took to the Diary room to constantly complain about Venita and even went as far as putting her up for eviction.

Venita who was shocked by Omashola's decision upon her eviction has not forgiven the finalist.

The two of them are meant to work together at an upcoming event. It is rumored that Venita and Omashola have been paired together to host a show and the grapevine whisper that Omashola might turn down the chance to work with Venita seeing that they both can't stand each other.

Theirs is the first public rivalry since they left the just concluded Big Brother Naija reality show.

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