Why Tacha Recorded Losses From BBNaija (Opinion)

Pearl Emmanuel

Natacha Akide, proud Nigerian youth from Rivers State who saw the irredeemable state of poverty in her family, decided to do something unconventional but legal to make money and support her family. Thus, her journey into social media began.

Symply Tacha, as she is popularly called, started growing her Instagram account in late 2017, by posting raunchy images and videos which left viewers salivating and coming back for more.

She became a sensation in 2018 with her zeal to jump on trends and delve into controversial topics.

She soon began cashing out from her Instagram page by dancing to songs for artists and helping small businesses in her sex driven niche to make adverts. The engagement and constant increase in impressions continued to skyrocket.

The only problem was, Tacha was boxed, doomed to a particular niche and a not so bountiful audience with purchasing power. She desperately wanted something bigger to show the world she was made up of more than ass twerking, promotion of nudity and sexual innuendos.

Tacha decided to audition for the biggest reality TV show in Nigeria and by a sheer stroke of luck, she got called and was amongst the chosen few who made it into the house.

Before her journey to the big screen, it was rumoured that she had gone for some fortification from her long-time mentor who recognised her and supported her on social media.

It is whistled on the streets of social media that the influencer was given some ornaments to help prolong her stay in the game.

Therefore, Tacha was confident that she would win, ignoring the fact that her mentor could not help the big-time politician claim his much coveted seat and become the number one citizen of the giant of Africa.

Tacha began the game quiet and humble. Many loved her but couldn't understand her personality. They believed time would tell.

And as time rolled on, Tacha grew worse, from confident to overconfident. Then she became proud, rude and arrogant.

It is difficult to decipher what actually caused the switch in her attitude, but viewers believe it was during the game's fake eviction when she shared a room with Seyi, the grandson of the famous Nigerian patriot, Obafemi Awolowo.

Her bad attitude towards housemates and organisers of the show spiraled into a topic of depression and mental health issues. It was this which led to the fight with fellow housemate, Mercy, the final icing on her cake which catapulted her into being disqualified.

Unlike the time of Ceec, who was quite disrespectful but a bit intellectual and welcomed with several endorsements after the show, Tacha got nothing but failed promises and "audio" money from her benefactors and supporters.

Tacha believed endorsements would call from all corners but that wasn't the case, as she was neither recognised by brands nor carried along by any of the sponsors of the show.

This experience indeed humbled the 23-year-old influencer who had no choice but to turn to Teebillz, estranged husband and former manager of Africa's biggest female musician, Tiwa Savage, for management.

Teebillz, through his talent management company, Teebillz Vision, is hoping to transform Tacha's career and help her attract reputable brands to work with her.

Tacha seems to be the bigger loser for going into the reality show. She stayed away from her source of income for 3 months, lost clients and was left without endorsement deals.

Should she have stayed and manned her online business or taken a different approach to the game? We'll never know, but one thing is sure from the just concluded Big Brother Naija, humility is indeed a virtue.

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