5 Items To Remove From Your CV/Resume

Finding it hard to land a good job? It’s probably time to revamp your resume for better results.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

A good resume should be a maximum of three pages. It should contain mainly the basic skills and experience required by your potential employer and your contact information so they can easily reach you.

Therefore, you need to scrap all other irrelevant information off, as they may not be of help to you when looking for a job.

If you have these things in your resume, it is time to remove them so you can have a brief CV that is easier to scan through.

1. Personal information

Your personal details are necessary but you do not have to include your age, marital status and religious background in your resume. Just your name, phone number and email address would do just fine.

2. Irrelevant experience and information

You don't need to list all the places you worked at unless it is required or related to the position you are applying for. Also, no employer needs to know your hobbies or what you enjoy doing in your leisure time.

3. Unprofessional email address

If you don't have a professional email address, please do yourself a favour by getting one as soon as possible. Because if your email address is not professional, no one will take you seriously.

4. Lies

At least, show some signs of honesty by not including skills that you do not possess in your CV. You will be embarrassed if you are asked to showcase any of these skills during the interview or even when you are picked and you can't.

5. Cliche phrases

Cliche phrases, including 'self driven', 'goal oriented' and 'goal-getter' should be avoided. Let your manager discover that himself or herself and don't describe yourself with the above-mentioned phrases, especially when you know deep within yourself that you possess only a few or none of these attributes.

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