Carragher Apologizes To Evra For Liverpool Wearing Suarez Shirts

Carragher Apologizes To Evra For Liverpool Wearing Suarez Shirts

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher, has admitted that his former club was wrong with their reaction to the ban meted out on Luis Suarez for racially abusing Patrice Evra in October 2011.

The Barcelona striker was given an eight-game ban by the Football Association after he was found guilty of using racist language towards the former United left-back during a match between Liverpool and United.

In reaction to the ban, the Reds wore T-shirts with the face and name of the striker during the warm-up for their next game against Wigan after the ban had been announced, to show solidarity.

But former Liverpool defender, Carragher, has now apologized to Evra about the situation which he admits was the wrong call by the club.

Frenchman, Evra, was a guest on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football alongside Carragher and show host, David Jones.

During the broadcast, the incident which happened nearly eight years ago was brought up and Carragher said that on reflection, Liverpool handled the matter poorly:

"There is no doubt that we made a massive mistake. That was obvious. It was an evening game and because it was Wigan, we travelled there on the day of the game.

"We got there, had our lunch and then we had a team meeting. I just remember in the team meeting, I don't know whether it was the manager or Steve Clarke asking one of the players: 'Are you still wearing the shirts?' That was the first I had heard of it.

"I am not lying on that and saying 'I wasn't a part of it' because as a club, we got it wrong and we were all part of it. I was vice-captain. But that was the first I had heard of it that afternoon. So I am not sure who was actually behind it. I know you mention the manager, but I don't think Kenny had anything to do with it, to be honest, it was the players who Luis was close to in the dressing room who really wanted to support their mate and their friend."

"...Apologies. We got it massively wrong."

Evra, who spent eight years of his career playing for United, was then asked what he thought of seeing the Liverpool players and coach wear the shirts.

"Ridiculous" and "unbelievable," the 38-year-old said.

"So what message are you sending out to the world when you do that? Supporting someone who has been banned for using racist words?"

"Actually, I understand. The first reaction of your club and your team-mate is to support you. If I made a massive mistake and I see my team-mates or the club doesn't support me, I would feel they were letting me down. So I understand and I don't understand. It is 50-50."

In the return fixture when Liverpool travelled to face Manchester United at Old Trafford, Suarez refused to shake Evra's hand in the pre-match ritual.

"It was unbelievable all week. The people. Even my mum wanted to know whether I would shake his hand. It was like the handshake was more important than Manchester United versus Liverpool, a massive game. So that's why I was frustrated because I wanted people to focus on the game," Evra said about the handshake incident.

"My mum asked me what I was going to do. I told her that I am the sort of person who would forgive so I would shake his hand no matter what. He made a mistake. I won't go on holiday with him, but I will shake his hand.

"When I went to shake his hand and I saw he didn't, I was like, 'what's wrong with that guy?' He made himself worse. He made himself worse. And I am feeling sad for him."

According to the FA report that was released at the time, Evra asked Suarez why he kicked him after a tackle, and the striker responded: "Because you are black."

Furthermore, Suarez was said to have used the word "negro" on seven occasions after telling Evra: "I don't speak to blacks."

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