5 Mistakes To Avoid When Bathing A Baby
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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Bathing A Baby

Titilayo Ilori

It is not easy for new mothers to bathe their newborns on their own. Most times, they seek help from elderly people because newborns are delicate and must be handled with extra care in order to avoid complications.

These are some of the mistakes you should avoid when bathing your newborn.

1. Leaving your baby in the tub

This is one mistake you should never make. Leaving your baby in a tub can be risky. You should pick the things you will need before bathing your baby, and if you forget something, do not ever leave your baby alone in a tub. Carry your baby along with you.

2. Bathing your baby without checking the water temperature

This is a major mistake that can put your baby's life at risk. As a mother, you should always feel the temperature of the water before pouring it on your baby. Do not forget that babies have sensitive skin, so you should double-check before bathing.

3. Not carrying your baby properly after bathing

Do not forget that your baby's body might be slippery after a bath. You should be conscious of this fact. After bathing, hold your baby firmly to avoid an accident.

4.  Not drying your baby

Always remember that babies are to be kept warm no matter what. So once you get your baby out of the tub, make sure you wipe every part of his or her body dry before applying cream.

5. Not cleaning the vital parts

It is not necessary to bathe your newborn every day. But it is important to clean the vital parts of your newborn, like the navel and private part, to avoid diaper rash.

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