See The Hilarious Reason An Electrician Rejected His Payment

See The Hilarious Reason An Electrician Rejected His Payment

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

A Nigerian electrician declined payment for services rendered because he thought his client was a prophet after she called his full name when they met.

According to the lady, she addressed the man by the name she saw on her 'Truecaller' app when she called to request for his service but the man, who obviously didn't know of the app, felt she had spiritual powers.

He requested that the said lady pray for him and refused to collect his pay when he was done with the job.

Surprised at what she had just witnessed, the lady who uses the Twitter handle @Ms_dashy wrote:

"A new electrician came to work in our house. I called him his name and surname cuz that’s what I saw on true caller, " she began.

"Dude was so shocked and started asking me if I am a Prophet! Now he wants me to pray for him and his children.

"Some Nigerians are so gullible ehn! This is how people get duped and scammed."

While many agree with her that it was possible for someone to be that gullible, others have suggested that she might have crafted the story for clout.

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