Writer Joy Isi Bewaji Drives Tacha Off Instagram
Joy Isi Bewaji and Tacha

Writer Joy Isi Bewaji Drives Tacha Off Instagram

Instagram has become too hot for Tacha, especially after writer, Joy Isi Bewaji, made some shocking comments about her new management.

Pearl Emmanuel

Natacha Akide, known popularly as Symply Tacha, has always been trailed by controversy and continuous castigation from the public.

At this point, the world would have adjusted to her constant display of nonchalance on the big screen. The influencer would have developed a thick skin to constant corrections and trolls, but this does not seem to be the case.

Popular writer, Joy Isi Bewaji, penned down her thoughts on Tacha's latest management deal with Teebillz, former husband of African female superstar, Tiwa Savage.

According to Bewaji, the collaboration between the duo would end up with Tacha in tears.

Bewaji also explained some findings which have been in the hearts of avid fans of Tacha which needed to be said.

She explained that Tacha indeed has a huge fanbase which fell in love with her for her originality and her flaws. But Teebillz’s current management plan seems to be stifling the influencer's originality in the name of over professionalism.

Bewaji's write-up wasn't met with open arms by the public, but she left some strong comments which were obvious.

It is possible that Tacha read the writer's opinion and felt it too, that she was being boxed in and decided to take time off social media.

At the time of this write-up, Tacha had deactivated her Instagram account and her fans are now worried about her disappearance.

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