5 Bathroom Etiquettes You Must Know
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5 Bathroom Etiquettes You Must Know

Titilayo Ilori

Sometimes, we do things nonchalantly that might end up causing great damage to our health, like ignoring bathroom etiquettes. Here are some bathroom etiquettes you must know.

1. Putting your toothbrush close to the water closet

Your toothbrush should not be kept close to the water closet, in order to avoid urine, soap, and germs from splashing on it. Bacteria on your toothbrush can cause a mouth infection.

2. Spending too much time in the toilet

This act is common. Some people go as far as taking newspapers or phones to get occupied in the toilet but it is dangerous to your health. This can lead to haemorrhoids, discomfort around the anus and itching. So, it is best to avoid sitting for long on the toilet seat. The toilet seat is not a chair.

3. Not washing your hands after using the toilet

Not washing your hands after using the toilet can lead to lots of diseases. You should wash your hands after using the toilet to avoid spreading germs.

4. Not rinsing your brush before using

Using a toothbrush for more than three months is not advisable, according to research. It is important to replace it every three months. You must wash your toothbrush before using it. If possible, soak it in vinegar for some minutes.

5. Wiping your private part too hard

Wiping your anus or vagina too often can cause irritation to the anus.  It can also cause a thick wound that can result in itching and inflammation.

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